WKRE Mobile App

WK Real Estate Mobile App

Find Your Next Home On The Go

Searching for your next home just got easier. Available for both Android and iPhone devices, WK Real Estate’s mobile application allows you to search for homes while on-the-go.

And because we know location plays a big role in the home buying process, our apps offer access to a variety of different search options and provide even greater customization and ease of use. Search tools available through our apps include:

Journey Search

Journey Search allows customers to view properties within close proximity to their current location while on-the-go. The app will continue to update available properties as you travel.

Perimeter Search

Through Perimeter Search, customers can draw boundaries on the map view, allowing them to filter available homes within a desired perimeter.

Scope Search

Using Augmented Reality technology, Scope Search overlays property details when a customer aims their phone’s camera down a street. Information appears in a pop up for easy viewing.

Our apps also give you the option to narrow your search using traditional search, including property type, price, number of beds/baths and more.

In addition to providing an interactive search experience customized to your needs, our apps sync to your WK Real Estate Property Alerts Account ensuring saved data is accessible on your mobile device as well as through our website.

Other features include:

• Property Details Pages

Access all the important property data that is also available on our website

• Image Gallery

View the full set of property photos for a desired listing with one simple touch

• Favorite Properties

Save properties of interest to your Favorites to view at a later time

• Branded Apps

Select a preferred agent so you can easily send communications to your chosen realtor

• And much more

New to our app?

Our Help Tour will guide you through all the great features available through our app. Be sure to check out these enhancements and start shopping for your next home today! More information on our apps can be found by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and searching for WK Real Estate.